Review – Searching the Scriptures by Charles R. Swindoll

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Are you getting the spiritual nourishment you need?

Optimal health requires optimal nutrition. The same is true spiritually speaking. Without sufficient and regular biblical nutrition, our inner lives begin to suffer the consequences. We become shallow and selfish, more demanding and less gentle, and quick to react impatiently, rashly, and angrily. These are telltale signs of inner malnutrition.

In Searching the Scriptures, respected Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll shows us how to dig deep into Scripture and uncover its profound truths for our lives. He outlines the principles of Bible study that will help you understand God’s Word, apply it, and communicate it clearly to those around you. Too many people try to go it alone, without a guide, for this life and the next. Chuck explains how we can fix our own spiritual meals, then invites us to feast on nourishing truths we can discover in God’s Word.


Charles R. Swindoll is a respected teacher and Searching the Scriptures gives us another reason to listen to someone like Him. This book, according to Swindoll is the result of his love and interest in the Scriptures and the way he’s been developing an understanding of the truths inside them.

The first chapters start with a practical introduction about the Bible, its books, and some comments about why is important to have a clear picture of the Bible in order to share and present a defense of the Word of God.

Using words and concepts from the food and cooking world, Swindoll takes us though recipes and a walk through the kitchen to put into practice what we’ve learned in each chapter. There are exercises at the end of each lesson to give us the opportunity to read, meditate and apply our new understanding on different passages.

There’s a study method, or recipe, given by the author and that can be useful for everyone during our study time:

  1. Observation
  2. Interpretation
  3. Correlation
  4. Application


Searching the Scriptures can give a new or better understanding to those who want to dig deeper into God’s Word. Swindoll’s life is not only an example, but an evidence that his writings really do work.



I received this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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