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Blog Hop Called to Speak on Youth

For the last two weeks I’ve been posting about the book, A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes. It was released on October 16th. Luckily I’m part of her launch team, and I’m excited to write my final post for this launch. This time is my personal post for a blog hop. This blog hop is about encouraging myself and others to speak out for our passions and against injustice.

As a youth pastor I’m surrounded by well youth. I’m part of a multicultural church, so I get the chance to work with youth from different ages but also from different countries/cultures. I’ve doing this for the last five years and its something I know I’m called to do; to speak the truth to a younger generation than mine (I’m 30, is that old? lol)

Its something great and interesting to know the different personalities, the different perspectives on life, the different dreams and visions, boys and girls have for their life. Because they do have dreams and visions and most of them want them to become a reality in their lives. There’s a passion inherent to youth that is like a fuel even through the hardest times.

But something Ive seen during these years is a constant struggle to them. Even if theyre from Mexico or from a distant country in Europe. Its something we all know, something were all used to: ourselves, our very identity.

Our identity is something shaped along your life, by our parents, by our family, culture, experiences and certainly you can almost add anything else to this list. Our conclusions along your life will dictate the way we face life in the present. If were not too sure about who we are, what we have or what we can do, well do average and well be disappointed with the results.

But there are good news, we dont have to live limited by our experiences, or limited by our identity; by the identity that was shaped by bad experiences or sufferings. In fact, we should stop concluding who we are taking into account what we did and start believing who we can be thanks to what Jesus did, that sounds good isnt it?

I know that to those who are not believers, this idea may seem confusing or strange, but that doesnt make it less real and true to those who dare to believe.

When our identity is forged by what Jesus has given us as a gift, then our limitations and sufferings from the past stop being an excuse to live fully in this life. When our identity is not about the way the rest of the world see me or even how I see myself, but the way God sees me, theres no place to insecurity or rejection.

Youth from this generation, doesnt matter if theyre part of a church or not, they need to turn their face to the reality that Jesus came, not only to forgive our sins, which he obviously did, but also to give us the opportunity to be made new.

Its my desire to see a generation of young people confident about themselves, that see themselves made in the image of God, and not made into a fake image from the world around them. I believe that the potential God has put into youth is not there to be wasted or put aside, its there to be spent with the certainty of a new identity given only by Him.

NOTE: Its funny because I was supposed to post my blog hop earlier, but something happened and I couldn’t do it until now. I had a difficult time with someone that went through exactly what I shared with you and I had to be there for him/her. Thank God, everything is o.k. now and Im glad I had this topic in mind, since it was a lot of help to deal with the situation.

What happens when you live longer than you wanted to?

Parvin Blackwater wanted to die, but now she’s being called to be a leader. The only problem is, no one wants to follow.

The Council uses Jude’s Clock-matching invention to force “new-and-improved” Clocks on the public. Those who can’t afford one are packed into boxcars like cattle and used for the Council’s purposes.

Parvin and Hawke find themselves on a cargo ship of Radicals headed out to sea. What will the Council do to them? And why are people suddenly dying before their Clocks have zeroed-out?

Book Two in the “Out of Time” series.

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