Article – Book nerd ‘real’ problems

Article – Book nerd ‘real’ problems

I’ve been around the bookish world for enough time to notice certain things. One of them is that I really like books, to read them, enjoy them, sniff them (there, I said it!) and get happy every time I get a new one.

Another one is the great experience and happiness that not only a new book can bring, but also the people you get to know through books. Maybe through book tours, through blog hops, youtube or simply through your followers on instagram, it’s incredible the way you can find other people with your same interests and even with the same craziness for books.

And this second thing is the one that seems contradictory to me at times. Why? Well, because I’ve found several times that some people (fangirls, fanboys insert your name here), think or feel they’re just too weird and out of this world to make friends in real life producing a lonely feeling in their lives. I know people who may have thousands of followers and still feel rejected or incapable of socialize with their classmates.

There, there…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there too. I’m 29 now, but when I was in my teen years, I went trough the same ‘season’ in my life. I was an otaku, yes, those who have an incredible fascination for anime and Japanese culture. I found myself trying to find people with the same interests in order for them to be my friends but not only that, I also managed to undermine those with different hobbies, you know, the ‘ordinary kind’ of people. Does this ring a bell? Somehow I got caught in this mentality of ‘belonging’ in order to be someone.

Yes, but…

But you don’t get it Angel, kids at my school are totally illiterate, uncivilized, like neanderthals!!! Yes I get it, but if don’t take time to get to know them you’re not gonna know for real how illiterate they truly are. Ok no, I was just kidding. The truth is that you need to invest yourself in them in order to discover the value each one of them have for what they are, not for what they know or for how irritating they may be.

My happy ending…

The truth is that while some of us may not have a natural tendency to make friends or to socialize, we all have a tendency to feel accepted or be loved. It’s totally natural, and because it’s totally natural, it’s totally fixable, both things!. For me it worked this way:

First, it was about God: I had to realize that my need to belong and to be accepted could only be found in God, the one who made me (duh!). Friends with same interests wouldn’t satisfy my need, more anime or manga seemed to satisfy my need, but only for a couple of days, maybe months, but not always.

Second, it was about me: Believe me, I was the shyest person ever! I would hide behind others in order to feel safe. I wouldn’t volunteer for anything. But it was just when I realized I was loved by God, that what people could think about me was less important. But this definitely requires a bold step from your part. It’s actually you the one that have to talk to another person and say hi! and then keep on saying hi! for several times, until you make some new friends.

Yes, I’m not kidding, there are no shortcuts, there may be some painkillers like more books, more followers or more likes; but the effect will pass, trust me. If you want a solution, look for something bigger or in this case, someone bigger.

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Review – Plush Bible Collection, NIrV

Bible description

The Plush Bible Collection, NIrV uses a similar size and readability as the popular Thinline Bible, now available in the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV). This Bible has a soft plush cover, designed especially for kids. The NIrV is based on the NIV translation and is written at a third-grade reading level—perfect for children learning to read.

First Impressions

Pink, plush, glitter, soft, all the things a little girl would like, well most of them. I don’t have any kids but I think this Bible is perfect for little girls.


The most important thing to notice about this Bible is the edition. The NIrV is derived from the NIV (just in case you didn’t guessed it first) and the goal of the edition is to be a lot easier not only for kids, but also for grown ups that are learning English. Here’s an example of a verse in both versions:

John 3:16New International Version (NIV)
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16New International Reader’s Version (NIRV)
God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son. Anyone who believes in him will not die but will have eternal life.

Layout and Design

This edition is almost identical in its font size and design as others from the same publisher except for the pink cover. The font size is clear and easy to read.


Even I’d like to give this Bible to a little girl, the size of the Bible is not that easy to handle for a little girl, but still a great Bible for teens.

I received this Bible from the Book Look bloggers program in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Review – Plush Bible Collection, NIV


Bible description

The Plush Bible Collection, NIV has the same convenient size and readability as the incredibly popular NIV Thinline Bible—now in fun and furry designs for kids and teens. Features include the words of Christ in red, an easy-to-read font size, and measures less than one inch thick.

First Impressions

The first thing I think about when looking at this Bible is teen girls. And it seems that is its main target, not that anyone else shouldn’t get one, it totally depends on tastes.


There’s no much else to add apart from what is already at the product description section and that’s fine for me. This is not a study Bible or a reference Bible except for the few notes at the bottom of some pages.

Layout and Design

‘Easy-to-read font size’ is not and understatement, the font is really easy to read not only for its size but also for the spacing. Being a hardcover Bible it’s resistant even with its plushy look.


This Bible is perfect for a gift to a girl. Perfect size and presentation for kids and teens.

I received this Bible from the Book Look bloggers program in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Reseña – Si decido quedarme por Gayle Forman

Si decido quedarme_137X220_ARG
Descripción del libro

Mía tiene diecisiete años, un hermano pequeño de ocho, un padre músico y el don de tocar el chelo como los ángeles. Muy pronto se examinará para entrar en la prestigiosa escuela Julliard, en Nueva York, y, si la admiten, deberá dejarlo todo: su ciudad, su familia, su novio y sus amigas. Aunque el chelo es su pasión, la decisión la inquieta desde hace semanas. Una mañana de febrero, la ciudad se levanta con un manto de nieve y las escuelas cierran. La joven y su familia aprovechan el asueto inesperado para salir de excursión en coche. Es un día perfecto, están relajados, escuchando música y charlando. Pero en un instante todo cambia. Un terrible accidente deja a Mía malherida en la cama de un hospital. Mientras su cuerpo se debate entre la vida y la muerte, la joven ha de elegir si desea seguir adelante. Y esa decisión es lo único que importa.

Primeras impresiones

Supe de la existencia del libro poco antes de la existencia de la adaptación al cine. La sinopsis del libro me llamó la atención y tuve la intención de ver la película aunque al final no pude hacerlo. De pronto me llegó el libro como cortesía por parte de OCEANO México y fue la oportunidad perfecta para deshacerme de la curiosidad. Conclusión: Espero que la película esté mejor.


La premisa de la historia es bastante atractiva, sin embargo la ejecución resultó bastante irritante para mi. ¿A que me refiero? Que para ser un libro de apenas 182 páginas, el salto entre presente y pasado fue abusado en sobremanera. Aunque era interesante conocer el trasfondo de la vida de Mia, creo que muchas de las situaciones narradas no sirvió en lo absoluto para el desarrollo de la historia.

El lenguaje usado por Forman es bastante sencillo. Al tener experiencia en revistas como Glamour, Cosmopolitan o Seventeen no creo que la redacción sea falta de talento, sino mas bien una estrategia bastante buena para llegar a un público que no exige mucho. Aquí un ejemplo:

La puerta está abierta. Meten mi camilla con todos sus tubos y cables. Yo subo detrás. – p.31


Mia, la protagonista, me parece bastante débil. Es un personaje al que le faltan algunos kilos de madurez para lidiar con un tema tan complejo como el de la vida y la muerte. A mi parecer Kim, quien es amiga de nuestra víctima en cuestión, tiene mucho más carisma y personalidad que sobresalen. Con todo y que solo es un personaje secundario.


Algo para considerar son las situaciones algo subidas de todo que son descritas durante el libro. Mia y su novio Adam mantienen una relación bastante íntima a pesar de tener apenas 17 años. Dentro de la historia hay personajes homosexuales que son mencionados sin llegar a dar detalle de sus vidas. Si decido quedarme no produjo empatía alguna en mi. A diferencia de la cantidad de reseñas que aseguran que las lágrimas son seguras, la historia es bastante superficial y hueca que no logró conectarme con ninguna situación, ni con ningún personaje.


Aclaración: Recibí una copia de este libro gratuitamente de editorial OCEANO para esta reseña.

Review – The NKJV Study Bible

Product Description

The NKJV Study Bible, the most comprehensive study Bible available, now in a full-color edition with added features! The acclaimed NKJV Study Bible is the most complete study system for all who desire accurate study in God’s Word. The Second Edition includes more features to make it the best all-purpose study Bible. Using the trusted New King James Version, The NKJV Study Bible has “the mind of a scholar and the heart of a pastor.” Nelson’s skilled team of scholars has produced the system to reach for when study in God’s Word is the goal.

Features include:

NEW attractive new full-color page design
NEW stunning Bible-land photos and graphics
NEW in-text maps and charts
Full cross-references with textual notes
Word studies and indexes
Bible Times and Culture Notes
Book introductions, outlines, and timelines
Reader-friendly notes and articles ideal for extended study
Deluxe NKJV Concordance including proper names
Part of the Signature Series line of Thomas Nelson Bibles

First Impressions

The NKJV Study Bible it’s a big Bible, in comparison with the last Bible I got, this one feels huge. It’s not that easy to handle for the average person because of its thickness and weight, which is 4.1200 lbs. If you take off the dust jacket, you’ll see the brown hardcover, that gives this ancient/vintage look with golden letters in the book spine.

Special Features

Most of the reasons behind the size of this Bible are the features. I chose to read 1st John just to experience the feel of this edition. And if you’re a Bible nerd like me, you’ll love each detail, from the introduction of each book, to the different articles in full color. The most attractive thing of course are the passage notes. Each verse is explained in detail, giving a broader idea of the context and meaning.

Layout & Design

The NKJV Study Bible has the look of an encyclopedia more than the look of a typical Bible. If you need an attractive design over a practical yetnotsocool layout this Bible may not be for you. A good observation for some people is that the typeface used for the Bible text is serif font, while the text used for notes and articles is sans serif font.


I really liked this Bible, not only because it’s the NKJV, but also because it’s really useful if you want to go deeper in the study of the Word. I found this Bible perfect for preaching or class preparations or for devotional time.

I received this Bible from the Book Look bloggers program in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.